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Compumachine's customers repeat sales ratio is over 70%. That number speaks solely to our dedicated Customer Support Group whose average service engineer has over 15 years experience on a variety of CNC machine tools. 

Our service engineers are strategically located through out New England to insure a speedy response. Our latest on-line manual library and on-line parts store are ready 24/7 to help your internal maintenance efforts.


Many machines sold back in the 1980's are still supported by our service department. The fact that so many of them are still performing their duties demonstrates the quality of our machines and the commitment of our service department. Our renowned Preventatvie Maintenance program is available to extend the life of your CNC machine tools.


We understand how costly downtime can be, that's why every call is an emergency. We know how costly a service call can be, that's why we strive to solve the problem the first time.

  • Mechanical Repairs

  • Electrical Repairs

  • Calibration & Alignment

  • Maintenance Programs

  • Preventive Maintenance


Access to over $3,000,000
in replacement parts
stocked in our facility
& more at 8 factory distribution centers
in US& around the globe.


Compumachine can upgrade your existing 3 axis machine to a 4th & 5th axis machine.

A tilting rotary table provides all of the benefits of the 4th axis integration plus an extra axis of titling. With a tilting rotary A/B table, spindle can access to any  angle of the work piece, further reducing the setup needed for complex parts.


Compumachine specializes in on-site retrofits.  The pre-assembled retrofit package is fully engineered, assembled and tested at our facility before being shipped to the customer.  

By marrying mechanically sound old machine tool with latest CNC, one can often cut machine replacement costs by over 75%.

Our retrofit services include: engineering consultation, design, mechanical building, electrical wiring, start-up, final fine tune, maintenance, and support training. 


We have the capability to deliver complete turnkey solutions for your turning, milling, and grinding applications.From process development, to machine and tool selection, to work holding, to CNC programming and final run-off, we assure the success of your project.

Let our experts help you in making the right decisions when selecting machines, cutting tools, process, and work holding solutions

renisahw probing part.png

Probing eliminates the need for expensive fixtures and manual setting with dial indicators.
• Reduced machine Set-up time
• Automatic fixture, part alignment and rotary axis set-up
• Measure and offset for stock size variations
• In-cycle part measurement with automatic correction
• CMM alternative

Tool setting probes are easily installed on machining centers with a very low cost, allowing automated operation with the following benefits:
• Significant time savings with reduced Set-up time
• Accurate tool length and diameter measurement
• Elimination of manual setting errors
• In-cycle tool breakage detection

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