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Hanwha's XD Series high precision, ultra rigid CNC Swiss machining centers offer bar capacity range from 7mm to 42mm, with up to 8 axes. Industry leadingFeatures Include:

Enhanced precision machining and minimized C/T.  Higher cross drill horsepower and less non-productive time with a 32i-B NC

Higher tool adaptability

Minimized thermal displacement –

Machinery seating and bracket designed for thermal symmetry and high rigidity


Hanwah STL32/38H

Hanwha's STL Turret-type CNC automatic lathe is a complete mill/turn solution featuring 11 axes and up to 40 Tools!

Adaptable for various tools
– M8 rigid tapping and Y3-Axis that accommodates up to 40 tools

Improved performance
– High-performance motor (23kW) and Siemens 840D

Improved durability
– Greater durability and safety with an enhanced
slide cover structure and machining methods


40/50 Taper VMCs are the workhorses of the industry, have the largest installation base by far. They are simple to setup & versatile to use, suitable from small quantity prototyping to medium batch production. 

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