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CNC Retrofits

With over 30 years of experience and 800 installations, Compumachine offers full-service CNC retrofit services. By marrying mechanically sound old machine tool with latest CNC, one can often cut machine replacement costs by over 75%.

Our retrofit services include: engineering consultation, design, mechanical building, electrical wiring, start-up, final fine tune, maintenance, and support training. All works are backed by 1-year warranty on parts and labor.

Compumachine specializes in on-site retrofits.  The pre-assembled retrofit package is fully engineered, assembled and tested at our facility before being shipped to the customer.  These pre-assembled packages expedite the installation process, minimize machine downtime and eliminate rigging expenses.

Following installation, on-site training is provided for machine tool operators and maintenance personnel. In collaboration with our MasterCAM team, we can tailor a programming software and supply custom post for the machine. 

And no retrofits are complete until a full set of documentation is delivered to the customer. Without proper documentation, repair of a simple problem can be a nightmare. To assist your personnel with maintenance issues, Compumachine keeps exact copies of each control retrofit documentation package on our server, backed-up daily.

We Also Build Specialty Machines - Compumachine will take your concept and turn it into a working machine. Over the years, Compumachine has built all kinds of custom machinery including equipment for parametric needle manufacturing, laser lens cutting, band saw grinders and specialized drill presses for aircraft combustion rings. We welcome the opportunity to review your manufacturing challenge that no standard CNC machine can meet.

Upgrades and Accessories - In collaboration with Service Department, our engineering team also routinely implement smaller projects such as: CNC Upgrade, Bar Feeder installation, High Pressure Coolant Systems, Mist/Dust Collection, Special Coolant Tank and Filtration, Auto-Doors, Light Curtains, Automated Hydraulic Fixture Clamping systems and more.

The photo gallery below displays some of the projects we have implemented.

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