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40"•20" VMC

Special Get More BANG For Your Buck ! Chevalier 4020 Vertical Machining Center Pricing Peaks at $59,800 Click Here!
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Job Shop

Contract Manufacturing Successful job shops do what needs to be done, they depend on reliable precision, flexibility, speed and ability to handle variety of materials. Click Here!
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Small and Intricate Parts Orthopedic devices or surgical instruments from titanium, Inconel or stainless steel, medical parts have pushed the limits of manufacturing complexity and efficiency. Click Here!
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3D Printing Rapid manufacturing is a new method of manufacturing where 3D printers are used for short run custom manufacturing. The printed objects are not prototypes but the actual end user product. Click Here!
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Large and Tough Materials Aerospace world revolves around the material you’re machining, whether they are structural parts, engine components, landing gear or systems controls, AeroSpace parts demands rigid, precise, stable & Power machines tools. Click Here!
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Complex Machining Parts Precision, reliability and efficiency to process large quantities of standardized components. Click Here!

Compumachine Technology Center

At Essex Technical High School
Compumachine is pleased to partner with the new Essex Technical High School in training future CNC machinists and programmers. The "Compumachine Technology Center" is located in the east wing of the newly finished school complex, features 22 state of art machine tools supplied by Compu...

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Demo Ready

We are ready to print your benchmark parts right here locally at Danvers or Andover MA facilities.



Price Includes


10,000rpm, 20HP

24 ATC, CAT40

fanuc cnc & servo


CNC Training

To get the most out out of your machine tools, Compumachine offers regularly scheduled training classes at our Technology Centers, and we provide onsite training for every machine we sell.